Under Rev. Burgess' leadership, the 9th council district has become safer. Rev. Burgess drafted legislation to implement Shotspotter, a gunfire locator/detection system that has quadrupled the volume of gunfire notifications in the East End and help police respond more quickly and precisely to incidents of gunfire.


Rev. Burgess also worked to implement and fund the Group Violence Intervention, a program that targets and provides resources for individuals with a high likelihood to commit violence, leading to a 40% reduction in shootings since 2016.


Additionally, Rev. Burgess introduced the Lethality Assessment Program, a risk of assessment tool used by officers responding to an incident of domestic violence, leading to a 50% reduction in intimate partner homicide in its first year of implementation.


Rev. Burgess has made the 9th council district stronger through his commitment to economic development. Rev. Burgess brought community, not for profit, and government stakeholders together to apply for and win a $30 million Choice Neighborhood HUD grant, paving the way for Larimer to a vibrant mixed-income community.


Rev. Burgess has also helped steer $50 million of affordable housing investment into Homewood. Furthermore, Rev. Burgess is working with community partners to increase affordable housing in East Liberty and Garfield. Across these and other neighborhoods in the 9th council district, Rev. Burgess has worked to ensure existing residents benefit from these new developments and can remain in their communities.


Rev. Burgess has made families within the city more secure through his commitment to economic empowerment. Rev. Burgess' advocacy for service workers led UPMC and Allegheny General to increase worker wages to $15 an hour by 2021.


He also fought to increase funding for youth summer employment, and in 2018, over 1000 young people work through the summer youth employment program with no eligible young people turned away. Finally, Rev. Burgess has worked to help minority and women-owned businesses get a fair shake in competing for local government contracts.



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